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It is 4 am and I am still trying to get some more sleep but it is far away from my eyes. So many thoughts and memories keep wondering in my mind. I just want to talk and share my feelings with someone. So the thought of writing this blog came to my mind. This is my firstever blog which I am dedicating to my loving and adorable husband Subhash who is physically no more with us but me and my children feel his presence with us everywhere. He was the one who support, guide and drive me to the kitchen with love and patience. Otherwise I use to get a good amount of scolding from my mom, who really tried very hard to make me learn atleast some everyday cooking.

After my marriage my husband who was himself a good cook, at least I can say so, teach me some basic cooking. We both explore this field together. We experiment with all available ingredients and he always encourage me by praising me and never ever scoff at any dish I made. Till the time my kids were born I was a good cook. After that there is no looking back. Now they can have all type of cuisine at home. Even my grandson, Rudraksh enjoy my dishes and tell everybody that my nani can cook everything better than any hotel. He love to make cakes and chocolate mousse with me. I will share some of my recipes with you in my latter blogs.

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