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Curd or yoghurt is a very basic and an important ingredient in our daily diet.These days you have so many commercial brands of yoghurt available in the market but no one can beat our old home made curd in its freshness and taste. Still some of  our youngsters don’t know how to set curd at home. So I thought to put a post for this .This homemade curd can be used in many  dishes and you can make a whole lot of raitas and dahi bhallas a very popular Indian street food.
Full Cream or full fat milk  500gms
Starter   1tbsp
Put milk in a medium size bowl to boil.When it is warm to touch remove from fire.Take care it should not be too warm. Add the starter and mix it to the milk with a whisk. Keep this milk in a warm place without touching it for 5-6 hrs.You can set curd in any insulated box or in warm oven. I use to keep this in my Milton casserole for 3-4 hrs.Take care it should not be distributed in between.  After 4hrs you will get properly set curd. Consistency of curd depends upon the milk. If you use low fat milk your curd willbe less creamy.

Note: For the first time you have to buy curd from some neighbourhood sweet shop or set with store bought yoghurt. Then onwards always keep one or two tbsp leftover curd for setting the fresh curd.

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