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This very popular Indian short bread called Nan Khatai. This is a simple eggless cookies which can be spiced up with saffron and cardamom to give an extra zing to the cookies.

Flour 1 cup
Semolina 1/4 cup
Besan 1tbsp
Castor sugar 1/2 cup
Baking powder 1tsp
Ghee ( clarified butter) 3/4cup
Saffron a pinch
Milk 2-3 tbsp
Green cardamom powder 1tsp

In a bowl sieve flour, semolina, besan, castor sugar, and baking soda. Add cardamom powder.
Soak saffron in 1 tbsp warm milk and keep aside. Now add ghee little by little to the flour and mix it.Add saffron milk and the remaining milk as required to form a soft dough.Divide the dough into equal parts and form into smooth balls. Place the balls in a baking tray. Lightly press the balls.
Place the baking tray in the refrigerator for 15-20 minutes. In the meantime preheat the oven at 150c for 10 minutes.Now place the tray in hot oven and bake for 20 minutes. Take care it do not get brown it will be soft and will be crunchy and crisp on cooling. Cool completely on the wire rack. Store in an airtight container.
Note: You can decorate khatai with a drop of strawberry jam and a whole almond on it before baking as in the picture.This time as variation I do it .Normally I prefer to bake it plain.

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