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Mango pieces (raw preferably gola or ramkela) 21/2 kg
Mustard oil 1kg
Salt 250gms
Red chilli powder 50gms
Aniseeds 125gms
Meethiseeds 75gms
Kalonji 50gms
Mustard seeds 50gms
Cumin seeds 20gms
Asafetida 1/4tsp


Clean and cut mangoes into small pieces. Grind coarsely all the masala. Heat mustard oil to a smoking point .Keep aside to cool completely.Mix 200ml of oil to the masala.Put mango pieces in a large vessel and mix the masala with it, properly coating each piece.Cover with a muslin cloth keep it aside for three days, shaking the pan everyday. On the third day put the pickle in a dry jar and pour the remaining oil over it.Take care the pickle should be completely dipped in oil.

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