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Those who love their cup of tea, they knew how a good chai masala changes the flavour of the tea. In winters a good masala tea refreshes the mood and keep you protected from cough and cold.
Cinnamon broken into small pieces 50gm
Cloves 25gm
Black peppercorns 25 gm
Green cardamom 100gm
Black cardamom 6
Mace 1tsp
Nutmeg grated 1/2tsp
Dried ginger powder 2tsp
Dry roast the cinnamon,clove, black peppercorns, and both the cardamoms for 6-7 minutes. Put off the flame and let it cool completely. Add mace, nutmeg and ginger powder. Grind all together to a fine powder. Store it in an airtight container. Use a pinch in a cup of tea. You can adjust the quantity of this masala depending on how spicy you want your tea to be. In these winter days it is good and healthy to have a masala chai at least once a day. It will save you from cold and cough.

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