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Orange mousse is one of the easiest of all desserts and it is one of my favourite dessert. It is very light and refreshing dessert in this scorching heat. We need very few ingredients to make this.
Orange juice 2 cups
Orange tang 2 tbsp
Gelatine 2tbsp
Whipping cream 250 gms
Milkmaid 200 gm
Orange segments or peel for decoration
Soak gelatine in 1/4 cup juice and keep aside for 10 minutes. Here I used vegetarian gelatine. You can use agar agar also. Mix tang to the remaining juice and bring to a boil. But do not boil. Melt gelatine over double boiler and add to the juice. Keep aside. Now whip the cream till soft peaks form. Lightly whip milkmade also and fold it to the cream. Finally mix cooled orange juice. Pour this mixture in to the bowl or into individual glasses to set . Put in the refrigerator to set completely. Decorate with orange segments or orange peel. You can use whipped cream to decorate it also.

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