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Besan ke Laddoo is an all time favourite Indian sweet and made on several special occasions and festivals. The secret of getting perfect laddoo is in browning the besan perfectly.
For Laddoos
Gram flour or besan 1kg
Semolina or rava or suji 1cup
Melted ghee or clarified butter 400gm
Castor Sugar 500gm
Almonds sliced 1 cup
Pistachios 1 cup
Coarsely grounded cardamoms 6
In a large woke put ghee and melt on low flame. Add semolina and besan.
Stir continuously for at least 15 minutes or the besan has started turning little brown in colour. Roast the besan until a sweet aroma wafts up in the kitchen. And when the besan is fully roasted turn off the flame. Add almond, pistachios and cardamoms. Keep aside to cool but add sugar when it is little warm to touch.This will help the sugar to melt a bit and bind the flour.
Mix well to combine. Take a little of the mixture in your fist and press it. The mixture will come together. Slowly using your inner palm give it a round shape and form small balls. Keep aside to cool completely. Store them in an air tight container.

Addition of Semolina will enhance the texture of laddoos.
If the mixture fails to combine into a ball you can add little melted ghee to bind it together.


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