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Orange Marmlade Season’s last Orange Marmlade
As summer season is approaching and oranges and kinooes are disappearing from the market.I am making the last batch of orange marmlade and posting the recipe.
Oranges or Kinooes I used Kinooes    10
Sugar    650gms or more
Lemon juice   2 tbsp
Cut the oranges and squeeze out the juice. Collect the pith  and pips in a muslin cloth and tie in a knot. Put this potli in the juice and keep in the fridge for few hrs.
In the meantime with the help of a knife scrape the white membrane from the peel of 5-6 oranges. Throw away the rest or you can use them for making orange peel. Sliced  thinly the scraped peels and put them into the juice.The ideal ratio of juice and peel is 2:1. two part juice and one part peel.
Put the juice and the peel to boil along with the potli, boil for 5-7 minutes. Squeeze out the potli to release all the pectin in the juice. Add sugar and lemon juice. Let it cook  on high flame stirring constantly till thick and attains jam like consistency. Do the plate test to check the doneness. For plate test put a steel plate in the freezer. Drop some marmlade on the chilled plate and push back with your finger, if it wrinkles and collects it is done. If it spreads thinly cook it little more.
Pour the jam in the sterlized jars.

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