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This is an age old classic dessert.No one can resist the temptation of having a one after dinner.My grandson loves to eat chocolate mousse at any given time may be in the breakfast.
I have tried many recipes for him but this is the best. He liked it most as this is the lightest of them all. This is Bobby Flay’s recipe. I did not made any changes in this except the quality of chocolate.Instead of bittersweet chocolate I use milk chocolate as Rudraaksh is very fond of milk chocolate.
Milk chocolate 3/4 cup
Egg whites 3
Sugar 1 tbsp
Heavy Cream 1 cup
Whipped cream for decoration
Place chocolate in a large bowl and melt over a double boiler.If you want you can microwave it for 1 minute.Stir it until melted. Keep aside.
Whip cream until soft peaks form.
Take a dry and clean bowl, beat egg whites with hand mixer. Gradually add sugar and beat until soft peaks form. Add cool chocolate to the egg whites.Finally fold in whipped cream as lightly as possible. Pour into individual remakins.Put in the fridge to set for 4hrs.Decorate with a dollop of whipped cream

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