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Beat the heat with absolutely refreshing, cool and delicious Virgin Mojito.In this hot sultry afternoons you can welcome your family and friends with this easy,cool drink made in minutes.This is my son’s recipe.First time he made this drink for us and he frost his martini glass with salt and granulated sugar.
Lemon juice. 2tbsp
Lemon sliced. 1/2
Sugar 3tbsp
Mint leaves 15
Sprite 1 bottle
Lemon slices 3 for garnishing
Mint leaves for garnishing
Crushed ice as much you want
Granulated sugar and salt mix
Mix little granulated sugar and little salt in a saucer.Rub the rim of a chilled martini glass with the lemon half,then dip it in the mixture to frost.
In a mixing glass muddle sugar, torn mint leaves and lemon slices. Add lemon juice and sprite. You can use soda or seven up also. Add crushed ice into the glasses pour this mixture without disturbing the frost. Decorate with lemon wedges and mint leaves. Serve chilled.

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