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Besan ke Laddoo or gram flour’s sweet balls is one of the most popular and sought after sweets in India.Almost every community makes it as per their taste and their traditional recipes. I am using a very easy and simple recipe for the laddoos using desi ghee. You can use refined or olive oil as per your taste.Some people like using dry fruits and nuts in it but my kids like it plain.So here goes the recipe.
Gram Flour (besan) 250gm
Desi ghee 150gm
Powdered sugar 150gm
Cardamom powder 1tsp
Silver verk for decoration
In a non stick- pan heat ghee and add gram flour .Roast gram flour on low heat stirring all the time.Keep stirring on low heat until it is lightly brown and a lovely aroma emanates.It will take 15-20 minutes approximately.Switch off the flame and keep the pan aside to cool a bit. So that you can handle the flour with your hands and the sugar may not melt. At this stage add cardamom powder and powdered sugar. If you want to use nuts add to the flour and mix properly.
Now take a fistful of this mixture and form into balls by pressing it in your fist.Keep these balls on to a separate plate to cool down completely. Apply silver verk and serve.
Note: you can put these laddoos in a decorative box and can gift it to family and friends on festivals.

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