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I love strawberries and have been wanting to try making it since long. In fact making jam at home is fairly very easy and so much better. Once you taste your own home made strawberry jam you will never want store bought again. So this season I grabbed a few boxes of strawberries and try my hand making delicious jam in my own kitchen.I just  take washed and hulled strawberries and simply quartered them.  Added an apple and sugar. No need to add water as strawberries releases enough liquid. I cooked it for a while till thick and set.And voila my jam is ready. So don’t hesitate and go to your kitchen and try yourself.

Strawberries   1kg
Apple chopped   2cups
sugar    1/2kg
lemon juice    2 tsp

Wash and cut into quarters the hulled strawberries. Take a heavy bottomed pan and add strawberries,chopped apples and sugar. Stir and let it rest,covered for an hour. Strawberries releases its own liquid. Now cook the mixture on medium flame stirring all the time till thickens. Add lemon juice. Cook further few minutes.Do the plate test to check the setting point. To test keep a steel plate in the freezer to chill as the jam is cooking.To test put a little Jam on the chilled plate and push with your finger,if thesurface shows wrinkles, the jam has reached the setting stage. If there is no wrinkled skinforming,continue to cook little more.Transfer in to the sterilized  jars while still hot and let it cool.Then close the lid and keep refrigerated.

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